Automotive Research and Development

Ino-Tek is the leader in gas and leak detection for the automotive R & D community. For over 20 years, we have supported automotive manufacturers and their suppliers as they lead the way in creating the next century for automobiles and trucks.

New technologies are being deployed every day – from fuel cells to batteries and even solar power and these developments promise to transform the automobile industry. General Motors, other automakers and numerous suppliers are racing new startups like Waymo in creating autonomous vehicles. At the same time, Lyft and Uber are transforming mobility and redefining the need for personal vehicle ownership.

Legacy technologies utilizing internal combustion engines burning gasoline and diesel are running cleaner and generating more power from smaller, more efficient engines. New fuels like CNG and Propane, offer promising alternatives that will prolong the use of these legacy powerplants far into the future.


While carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrous dioxide (NO2) continue to be the most common hazards, research into next-generation power alternatives like batteries and fuel cells have brought additional demands on gas detection systems. Hydrogen fuel cells and new battery technologies like lithium cathode expose workers to new toxic and flammable hazards every day.


Case Study

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