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Gas Detection, Leak Detection
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Gas Detection and Vapor Detection Systems

With over 2200 installed Gas Detection systems and Vapor Detection systems, Ino-Tek is the 21st-century leader in the Design, Installation, and Service of these critical Life Safety / Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems. 

Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems / Life Safety Systems

Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems (HMEAS) are code compliant stand-alone systems for protecting people and facilities from exposure to dangerous substances in the workplace.

Consulting / Engineering Support

Ino-Tek provides specialized hazardous materials engineering support for end-users, Architectural and Engineering firms and municipal governments across the United States.

Liquid Leak Detection

Combined with our Gas Detection Systems, Ino-Tek is a leader in the Design, Installation and Service of these critical Life Safety systems.

Field Services

Life Safety System/Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm System require regular maintenance including sensor calibration on a regular basis to make sure all the equipment is working properly and up to date with any performance changes.


The SafeAir product line is Ino-Tek’s proprietary equipment brand of Smart Controllers, Sensors and Backup Power supplies. 


Automotive Research and Development

University Research

CNG / Propane Fleet Maintenance Facilities

Additional Hazard Locations

Marijuana Grow, Processing and Extraction

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

Heavy Industrial Manufacturing

Water / Wastewater Treatment


Food / Beverage


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share our expertise to keep people safe while working in hazardous material environments

Ino-Tek is Committed to Improving Safety

when working around hazardous materials.

Who We Are

Ino-Tek is a nationally recognized leader in the Design, Installation and Service of Code-Compliant Gas Detection, Leak Detection and Life Safety Systems. Since 1996, Ino-Tek has installed over 2200 Life Safety Systems that keep over 100,000 employees safe from exposure to toxic and flammable hazards. Keeping people and facilities safe around hazardous materials is our mission… and we do it better than anyone.

Ino-Tek Life Safety Systems are The First Warning… and the Last Line of Defense when working around hazardous materials.

Our comprehensive approach to Life Safety / Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems incorporates Hazard Reviews, Code-Compliance Assessments, and cutting-edge Engineering to ensure that our systems set the standard for worker safety in Hazmat environments. To ensure continued safety in the workplace, we provide ongoing Calibration, Certification, Maintenance and 24/7 support to our customers through our in-house team of service professionals.

Need Maintenance on an
Existing Gas or Leak Detection System?

Schedule a Field Service Engineer who will inspect your facility and make sure it meets all compliance requirements.