University Research

From the $730 million Facility for Rare Isotopes to basic research in chemistry, engineering and numerous other disciplines, Universities have a variety of Gas and Leak Detection requirements. Many Universities have partnered with Automotive Research and Development teams to speed development of alternative fuels – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Propane, and Hydrogen; plus renewables like solar and batteries – providing research opportunities for an international community of university and laboratory scientists, postdoctoral associates, graduate and undergraduate students.

In addition to research, Universities have other facilities and processes that require Gas and Leak Detection including:

  • Chiller / Boiler Rooms serving Offices, Classrooms, and Dormitories
  • Semiconductor Labs
  • Data Centers
  • Gas Cylinder Storage Rooms
  • Food Storage / Coolers
  • Ice Arenas
  • Hospitals

Success Story

Ino-Tek Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm System detected a dangerous refrigerant leak at the Munn Ice Arena on the campus of Michigan State University

Hazardous Material Opinion and Report

Our Senior Code Specialist for Hazardous Materials can assess if new construction or the addition of new materials will still meet the level of safety the codes and standards require.