Equipment & Installation Expertise

Ino-Tek designs, installs, and maintains Gas Detection, Leak Detection and Life Safety systems for almost every industry using hazardous materials. Lean on our equipment and installation expertise to evaluate your hazards and propose cost-effective solutions that are fully code-compliant.

Design and installation of a gas detection emergency alarm system is a complex process involving numerous technical details. Different industries have different challenges, but every Life Safety system must completely and reliably protect the employees and the facility from release and exposure – even when facility power is interrupted. To properly design a reliable gas or leak detection emergency alarm system, the designer must have an insightful knowledge of the process dangers and that can only be learned through experience. Ino-Tek has installed over 2200 systems that protect over 100,000 employees every day.

Gas detection systems are Life Safety/Emergency Alarm Systems and the design, installation and service of these systems must meet the requirements of the International Building Code, the International Fire Code and comply with standards from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Additionally, Hazardous Materials in the workplace require compliance with OSHA regulations.

Once all the hazards are identified, including quantities, pressures, temperatures and proposed uses, an analysis of all applicable codes must be completed. Based upon the Building and Fire Code requirements, a detailed description of system operation is created, and a cost-effective, code-compliant system is designed.

System installation must ensure all design and performance requirements are achieved – from sensor placement to ventilation and shutoff controls and notification panels, Ino-Tek is focused on delivering a code-compliant Life Safety system guaranteed to meet or exceed certification and acceptance requirements from both customer and the building official.  On time and on budget, our turnkey approach reduces the owner’s project management costs and allows them to focus on the operation of their new facility.

Ino-Tek uses sensors and other components from all major manufacturers. We custom-build control panels under our own, proprietary SafeAir brand but always consider the alternatives that will best meet the needs of the customer. As a system integrator, we look for the best combination of performance, suitability, durability and price when considering sensors and other components. Finally, we look at the total cost of ownership – including maintenance and service before making any recommendations.

Ino-Tek installs and services equipment from virtually all the major suppliers. Our knowledge about durability, maintenance and service frequency is unmatched anywhere. As a result of our experience maintaining thousands of systems, Ino-Tek can stand behind any equipment recommendation. And the customer can rely on us to deliver the best system value.

Need Maintenance on an
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