Life Safety Systems
Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems

Life Safety / Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems (HMEAS) are code compliant stand-alone systems for protecting people and facilities from exposure to dangerous substances in the workplace.

Life Safety systems are required for a wide variety of commercial and industrial environments including refineries, industrial processes and warehousing, educational and commercial research facilities as well as hospitals and even restaurants.

The systems are designed to both alert and respond – activating warnings and alarms and depending on the extent of the danger, triggering corrective actions that include could material shutoffs and increased ventilation.

Ino-Tek Life Safety / Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems are at the heart of facility safety for areas where hazardous materials are stored, used, dispensed, handled and generated. These systems monitor for the dangerous presence of hazardous materials, provide warning and alarm indication of emergencies, initiate mitigation processes, and summon the appropriate aid.

NFPA 101, also known as the Life Safety Code, is now the consensus safety standard widely adopted across the United States. The International Code Council adopted the Life Safety terminology for Chapter 9 of the International Fire Code for 2018.

  • International Code Council (ICC): A system to provide indication and warning of emergency situations involving hazardous materials.
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): A system to provide indication and warning of emergency situations involving hazardous materials and to summon appropriate aid.

Ino-Tek Life Safety /Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems are designed from the start to comply with current Building and Fire Code Regulations, OSHA and Workplace Safety Regulations and Recommendations, as well as industry consensus standards.

Ino-Tek was the first company to combine programmable logic controller (PLC) technology to connect multiple inputs including sensors, flow controls, limit switches and emergency switches with outputs including audio and visual alarms, ventilation control, material shutoffs, first-responder notification and integrated battery backup to create a true Code-Compliant stand-alone system. And because Ino-Tek systems work with sensors and transmitters from every major brand and supplier – we choose the best combination of price and performance for every situation.

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