Hazardous Materials Safety Consulting Services

Ino-Tek provides specialized hazardous material safety consulting for Architects and Engineers, Business Owners and Code Officials.

Our expertise in hazardous material safety code compliance makes Ino-Tek a unique consultant to businesses using or adding hazardous materials in their operations.  Our knowledge and experience with the hazardous material sections of the Building and Fire Codes will identify code compliance safety issues.  Ino-Tek can assist you in creating an action plan to resolve them. 

Our comprehensive Proactive Compliance approach begins with evaluating and classifying the hazards, documenting the occupancy classification and identifying the code-required Methods of Protection. GAP Analysis, Hazard Reviews, Code-Compliance Assessments and cutting-edge engineering ensure your Life Safety systems meet the requirements for worker safety in hazardous material environments.

Hazardous Material Safety

and Code Consulting Services for 

Architects, Engineers, Business Owners & Building Code Officials


CONCERN:  Architectural and Engineering firms usually have in-house fire safety expertise, but often lack Gas Detection, Leak Detection, and Life Safety expertise.

SOLUTION: When designing a Life Safety / Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm System, our unique 15-step approach ensures code compliance from the start.

Our system drawings include electrical and mechanical schematics and equipment details, interlocks to other systems, the sequence of operations, system alarm matrix as well as emergency power/battery load calculations.


CONCERN: Business owners understand how they use the hazardous materials on site, but often lack knowledge about the Life Safety requirements contained in the Building and Fire Codes.

SOLUTION:  Ino-Tek takes a Proactive Compliance approach – recognizing that securing building permit approvals in the first instance saves both time and money while assuring facility and occupant safety.


CONCERN: If a building has already received its Certificate of Occupancy, the building may or may not notify the building official at the time of facility upgrades and repurposing. This results in a situation where CO has been granted based on one use but the operations have evolved without oversight or reinspection. Sometimes, Building Officials only learn about the presence of hazardous materials in the aftermath of an incident.

SOLUTION: Ino-Tek audits submittals and Hazardous Materials Opinion and Reports (HMOR) to ascertain whether they are complete and accurate. By supplying this level of information, building officials can quickly perform plan reviews and provide building permit approvals with minimal delay.

Ino-Tek fills a GAP for each of these communities by leveraging
our broad experience working with hazardous materials safety.

Our deferred submittal package includes a Hazardous Material Opinion and Report (HMOR) for the Building Official as required by MBC/IBC 414.1.3 whenever there are hazardous materials involved.

The HMOR will include classification and tally of all materials, our opinion of the proper Occupancy Classification(s) and outline the appropriate Methods of Protection. Our design submittal includes all applicable code references for the system based on the hazards, their quantities, pressures, temperatures and uses; plus devices used and functionality required.

The International Building Code and its counterparts, the International Fire Code and the International Mechanical Code – have been adopted by every state in the United States. These codes designate Gas Detection and Leak Detection systems as Life Safety / Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems that, in turn, are designated as Fire Protection Systems. These critical systems must comply with State Building and Fire Codes, as well as other applicable standards like those published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other industry standards and guidelines when appropriate.

When construction is complete, and the facility is ready for final inspection, Ino-Tek provides full commissioning and startup of the Life Safety/ Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm System. With the Fire Inspector on-site, we demonstrate all system functionality and complete all required documentation. This leads to quick acceptance and issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.


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