Ino-Tek’s Service Department offers Calibration, Certification and Repair for all major brands of Gas Detection, Leak Detection and Life Safety System equipment. We offer Scheduled Maintenance, On-Call Service and 24/7 Emergency Service – all supplied by certified Ino-Tek personnel. Ino-Tek Service technicians provide full system maintenance– including identifying faulty and obsolete instrumentation that would represent a Code violation and compromise the safety of employees and visitors.

Ino-Tek makes it easy to stay connected to the status of your Gas Detection, Leak Detection and Life Safety Systems through online access to Calibration and Certification reports using our secure customer portal. No more waiting for the paper copy in the mail!

Municipal and State Building and Fire Codes across the United States require proper Maintenance, Calibration and Annual Certification for Life Safety systems and enforcement is on the rise.

At Ino-Tek, it’s all about the Safety of Your People!

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Our Service Capabilities

Every day, our fleet of service trucks and field technicians are working to solve customer problems around Hazardous Materials and to keep Your People Safe! Life Safety Systems, including Gas Detection, Leak Detection, and even Explosive Dust, require highly trained professionals with the smarts to get the job done right. We learn about the Hazardous Materials your business works with and we’ll know your facility – where the hazards are, where the equipment is located and of course, how these critical Life Safety Systems are supposed to work.

Calibration and Certification reports are available through our secure, online portal. No more waiting for an email to confirm the operational status of your critical Life Safety and Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems.

We support virtually all brands of hardware so there is never a need to fly in a factory service technician – which usually involves high cost and significant delay. We support our field technicians with in-house programming capability and can even reprogram selected systems remotely. Scheduled Appointments or Emergencies; Maintenance, Repair or Calibration and annual Certifications, our dedicated team will provide the highest level of service for Life Safety and Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems available anywhere.

As required by State Building Codes, (IBC), The International Fire Code (IFC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), calibration, service, repairs and annual certifications of Life Safety Systems may only be performed by specially trained technicians. Calibrations, Certifications, Maintenance, and Repair - the Ino-Tek Service team is with you every step of the way!

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