Service Department Safety Certifications

Ino-Tek’s service department is commonly called to work at industrial and limited access locations.  To insure rapid response, Ino-Tek participates in nationally recognized safety certification programs.  Participation in these programs allows quick response when an emergency alarm system needs repair or service.

TWIC Program
Ino-Tek’s service professionals are registered in the TWIC program.  This is the Transportation Workers Identification program.  This program includes a background check and drug screening.  Completion allows access to airports, refineries, and other limited access locations.

MUST Program
Ino-Tek’s service professionals are registered in the MUST program.  This is a contractors “ready to work” program.  This program includes a safety training and regular drug and alcohol screenings.  Participation allows work on publicly bid contracts.

ISNet World
Ino-Tek is registered with ISNet World.  This is a safety program which verifies that all of Ino-Tek existing safety programs meet government and insurance requirements.

PICS Safety Programs
PICS is a vendor qualification and auditing program.  Ino-Tek is presently planning on enrolling in this program as it gains wider acceptance in the contractor community.



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