Standard of Care

The Ino-Tek Standard of Care and Practice Experience is to Design, Install and Service code-compliant Life Safety / Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems that protect people and facilities exposed to unplanned releases of hazardous materials.

The typical Contractor…
…is only required to make sure their work is sufficiently free from defects such that it meets the requirements of the Contract documents.

Standard of Care at Ino-Tek means keeping people and facilities safe around hazardous materials.

By working to the same high standards of professionalism and quality, we save our Architect and Engineer (AE) customers Time and $$ - providing targeted expertise that fills a GAP for many Architectural and Engineering firms - the GAP between Fire Safety Code Knowledge and Hazardous Material Code Knowledge.

Our practical field solutions are fully approved by the AHJ community (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and AE firms around the country rely on us to create and fulfill deferred submittals with turnkey design and installation, as-built drawings and full code-compliance. Continuing service - including Calibration and annual Certification - ensure safety.

Ino-Tek Standard of Care – Keeping People and Facilities Safe around hazardous materials.