Educational Presentations

Ino-Tek provides Educational Presentations on Code Compliance and the proper design of safety systems when working around Hazardous Materials. With over 2000 installed Gas Detection, Leak Detection, and Life Safety Systems, as well as dedicated code-compliance experts on staff, Ino-Tek has experience and expertise unmatched by any other company.

For Building and Code officials, we provide seminar-level presentations on Hazardous Materials Safety and Code Compliance when working around hazardous material applications. Rapid scientific progress involving hazardous material testing, manufacture and usage are taking place faster than the ICC and NFPA can keep up. The codes are evolving, with new sections in virtually every three-year cycle. However, every day, the inspection community sees new challenges and must address new dangers with a regulatory process that cannot – and does not – address every potential issue. Ino-Tek can help!

Many of our classes are approved for CEU (Continuing Education Unit) credits by the State of Michigan and will help fulfill professional growth and certification requirements. Our goals in working with the inspection community are to assist all interested parties in adopting practices that lead to a consistent application of the building and fire codes across the country where hazardous materials are concerned and to Keep People Safe!

For the Architect / Engineering community, Ino-Tek provides Lunch and Learn presentations that qualify for CEU (Continuing Education Unit) credits on a variety of topics related to Hazardous Materials safety and Code Compliance. Ino-Tek classes (and our team) can fill a GAP for many AE companies - the GAP between Fire Safety Code Knowledge and Hazardous Material Safety Code Knowledge. Code Compliance is a significant issue and with our un-matched expertise around hazardous materials safety, we can save AE firms and their clients Time and Money by providing targeted expertise in Code Compliance and the proper design of these critical Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm and Life Safety Systems.

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