Heavy Manufacturing

Gas and Leak Detection is required for many heavy industrial applications. Petroleum refineries, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) processing and storage facilities, Power Generation and Metals Processing, as well as Chemical and Material manufacturing top the list for danger! These facilities always have extremely large quantity of hazardous materials onsite creating safety challenges that scale as the transport and storage quantities increase - truckloads and train cars rather than smaller cylinders and containers.

The specific hazards in these industries arise from three sources: dangerous materials transported into the facility to complete the required production processes, byproducts of the various processes and finally, the end product itself - which may be dangerous.

Designing and installing Gas or Leak Detection and Life Safety Systems for Heavy Industrial settings is a complex process involving numerous technical details. Different industries have different challenges, but every Life Safety system must completely and reliably protect the employees and the facility from release and exposure - even when facility power is interrupted. To properly design a reliable gas or leak detection emergency alarm system, the designer must have an insightful knowledge of the process dangers and that can only be learned through experience. Ino-Tek has installed over 2000 Life Safety systems that protect over 100,000 employees every day across a wide variety of heavy industries. Our extensive technical experience, gained over more than twenty years, assures Ino-Tek has the ability to evaluate all hazards and propose cost-effective solutions that are fully code-compliant.

Code Compliance is a legal requirement! While many industries have their own standards for safety, Gas and Leak Detection Systems must also meet the requirements of the International Building Code and comply with standards from the International Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Additionally, Hazardous Materials in the workplace require compliance with OSHA regulations.

Finally, no system is complete without regular calibration and annual certification. Ino-Tek’s highly trained technicians perform thousands of procedures every year – making certain we keep your people safe.

Case Study

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