Auto Repair Facilities


Gas Detection Systems offer Auto Repair Garages a significant opportunity to reduce operational costs through their use as a ventilation management system.

By code, Auto Repair Garages are considered Motor Vehicle Areas (different than a parking garage that has prescriptive gas detection language). Ventilation is key. However, continuous ventilation is expensive!

In the summer, you pay to cool the air and then expel it. In the winter, you’re expelling air you’ve paid to heat. By using gas detection as a ventilation management tool, ventilation control can be refined to minimize ventilation costs without compromising safety.

The current mix of vehicles on our roads is almost exclusively fueled by gasoline and diesel. Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) are the common byproducts of vehicle exhaust and by sensing for these hazardous materials, ventilation can be increased quickly and then reduced when air quality is assured. When compared with the typical ventilation management approaches, adding Gas detection can result in significant energy savings and reducing your overall carbon footprint.

CNG and Propane technologies are moving forward but remain confined almost exclusively to truck fleets. Another emerging vehicle fuel hazard for Auto Repair Garages will be Hydrogen – the common energy source for fuel cells. Odorless and colorless, gas detection technology will help keep your people and facility safe. fuel sources.

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