Fire Marshals & Code Officials

Ino-Tek offers services to Fire Marshals & Code Enforcement Professionals.  Ino-Tek is dedicated to the safety of our clients and any responders reacting to an emergency  alarm.  We show this dedication by designing our systems to the exact requirements of the codes and the safety needs of our clients and these responders.

To better understand the exact requirements of first responders and other safety professionals, we interact with and learn from there professionals.  We have been  members of SEMBOIA (Southeast Michigan Building Officials and Inspectors Association), The Southeast Michigan Fire Marshals Association and other professional groups.  We’ve learned a lot from these professionals.

We have completed training to Fire Officials regarding Gas Detection safety.

Ino-Tek has offered a very successful training class to The Southeast Michigan Fire Marshal Association in Oakland County.  This was Ino-Tek course number 11648 and covered “Gas Detection and Emergency Alarm Systems for Automotive Research and Development Facilities.”

This class was attended by dozens of Fire Safety professionals and was very well received.  This class is available for other groups of Fire Safety professionals at a modest cost.

Ino-Tek has also offered a training class to SEMBOIA.  This class covered “Refrigerant Monitoring”.

trainingIno-Tek is also available for informal discussions regarding proposed gas detection systems.  We can help you understand the codes regarding these systems so a safe system design is insured.   Give us a call today and let us help you keep your municipality or city safe from gas leaks.



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