Specifications for Leak Detection Systems

Ino-Tek is the leader in code compliant independent leak detection systems. Every day, Ino-Tek works to advance our understanding of Gas Detection and Emergency Alarm Systems. We study code requirements and help architects, contractors, and owners develop and use specifications.

For engineers and architects, we help them design code compliant and economical, new gas detection, refrigerant leak monitoring, and emergency alarm systems. Ino-Tek has written specifications for many applications and we have a large library of code-compliant specifications. These specifications cover all the applications using toxic or flammable, and refrigerant gases.

For contractors, we help them in meeting the most common and the most unusual gas detection specifications affordably. We can custom design a system to meet any specialized requirements. We can meet any design parameters with the best value package.

For owners and operators, we can help them to specify their gas detection requirements during the planning stage. This can insure you get the best value for your investment.

Give us a call today and let’s work together to specify the best solution to your gas detection, refrigerant monitoring, and emergency alarm system requirements.