Gas and Vapor Detection

Gas Detection has been at the heart of Ino-Tek’s business since 1996. With over 2000 installed Gas and Leak Detection systems, Ino-Tek is the 21st-century leader in the Design, Installation, and Service of these critical Life Safety systems. Over 100,000 employees work under the protection of Ino-Tek Gas and Leak Detection systems every day.

Gas Hazards Are A Different Type of Hazard

A regular hazard, like a tripping hazard, can be seen and avoided. A fall hazard can be protected with a railing. Electrical hazards are protected with conduit, panels and circuit breakers. Many gas hazards are odorless and colorless – making advanced detection technology essential to protect the workplace and community.
Other gases are corrosive or flammable – immediately dangerous to life and health.

Typical dangerous gases are stored in cylinders or tanks, delivered in pipelines or stored in vessels or caverns. Gas hazards like carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) can be created during combustion and other highly dangerous hazardous gases can be created through industrial processes. Even common gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) can be dangerous in a closed space because they can lead to oxygen deprivation in the event of an unplanned release.

Gas Hazards Are A Different Type of Hazard

Ino-Tek Gas Detection systems are installed in Automotive Research & Development sites, Commercial and Municipal Transportation Maintenance facilities, Power & Gas Generation, Educational and Medical Facilities, Manufacturing Plants, Water & Wastewater treatment facilities, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Heavy Industry, Mining, Food & Beverage, Semi-Conductor and Government Environmental Facilities throughout North America.

Ino-Tek applies advanced gas sensing and detection technology and incorporates the latest control and monitoring techniques to provide the most efficient and cost-effective Gas Detection system solutions available. Ino-Tek Gas Detection systems incorporate audio and visual alarms, remote monitoring, web-enabled communication, shutoff, ventilation and hazardous material storage strategies to reduce Gas Detection system costs and increase safety.

Ino-Tek maintains a relationship with all major sensor manufacturers so we can incorporate the most advanced and cost-effective equipment. Depending on the application, sensors include Catalytic, Infrared and Open-Path Laser.

Ino-Tek engineers use our proprietary Hazard Review to evaluate all critical factors - quantities, pressures, temperature, and transport for each gas and how they will eventually be used. We review the applicable building and Life Safety Codes and maintenance requirements before designing the Gas Detection system and selecting the sensors best suited for the individual system.

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