Architects & Engineers

Ino-Tek offers assistance to architects and engineers designing new hazardous materials emergency alarm systems.  Ino-Tek has been writing specifications for these applications for over 15 years and we have a large library of code-compliant specifications.  These specifications cover all the applications using toxic or flammable gases.  We also have a library of specifications for refrigerant monitoring systems and liquid leak detection.  Together, we can use these existing specifications to develop new specifications for your clients.  These proven specifications insure your clients get the best value for their investment.

Project Scope Development

Many existing and planned facilities use or will use flammable or toxic materials.  Facility  management and design professionals are often presented with complicated questions regarding these materials and their safety.
Some typical questions asked are:

  • What are the legal and insurance requirements for leak detection?
  • Is a hazardous materials leak detection system required?
  • What are the best engineering practices for leak detection?
  • If an existing facility has problems with gas leaks, what is the best way to address these leaks?
  • If it is required, how can a system be best designed to determine when a leak occurs and how can it alarm effectively?
  • What are the correct set points for a gas detection sensor?
  • What actions should occur at the different set points?

These questions are frequently asked when a company is considering starting a project to address hazardous materials safety concerns.  They are also frequently asked during new construction.

Ino-Tek has helped many professionals answer these questions.  The answers determine if an emergency alarm or life safety system is required.  They also determine the scope of a project.

Give us a call today and let’s work together to design the best solution to your gas detection, refrigerant monitoring, or process control requirements.



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