Ino-Tek is the nation’s leading, independent provider of fully code-compliant Life Safety / Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems featuring Gas and Vapor Detection and Liquid Leak Detection. Our headquarters – including the engineering and design center – is located in Romeo Michigan. Ino-Tek has sales and support personnel responsible for North America and other strategic regions around the world. Our systems are installed in Automotive Research and Development facilities, Universities, Hospitals, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Power & Gas Facilities, Educational and Institutional Facilities, Manufacturing Plants, Water & Wastewater treatment plants, Heavy Industry, Mining, Food & Beverage, Semi-Conductor and Government Facilities throughout North America.

Ino-Tek is committed to improving safety when working around hazardous materials.

<span id="name">Jim Parker</span>
<span id="desig">President
Ino-Tek, Inc.</span>
Jim Parker President Ino-Tek, Inc.
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<span id="desig">Vice President</span>
Steve McCarthy Vice President

A Message From the Founders

Welcome to the new Ino-Tek website! In development for more than six months, it represents our efforts to become a true information resource for all our customers, the architects and engineers we support as well as the inspection community. I’m certain you’ll see many new areas and a great deal of new information.

For over 22 years, Ino-Tek has been a leader in the areas of Code-Compliant Gas Detection, Leak Detection and Life Safety / Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems.

We’re proud to assist our customers in meeting exciting goals for productivity, research and development while creating and maintaining a safe environment for their people. We work with architects and engineers every day to ensure the systems they’re planning truly address the hazards involved and meet the tests for safety and code-compliance.

We also work with municipal Building Officials and Fire Inspectors to address their safety concerns for the communities they serve and the first-responders we all depend upon. We provide consulting support for communities facing new hazards and we teach regularly Code Official educational events. We believe that by working together, we can keep employees, first responders and the community safe from an unintended hazardous material release.

Finally, we are proud of our safety record – with over 2,200 installed Life Safety systems protecting over 100,000 people every day. And we’re proud of our team also, which has amassed more than 300,000 hours without a workplace injury.

I hope you find the site informative. If you have questions about any topic related to Life Safety, Hazardous Material Emergency Alarm Systems, Gas and Vapor Detection or Liquid Leak Detection, reach out – we’re here to help. Working together, we can make certain our communities remain safe when hazardous materials are present.

Jim Parker