Open Path Gas Detection

openpathOpen path gas detection sensors are often the best choice for detection when the area where a gas release or accumulation is relatively large or undefined.  An open path gas detection sensor can sense for leaks along a path.  This gives more effective coverage for some applications compared to a point sensor.

Open path gas detection is effective for many toxic and flammable gas detection applications.  Toxic gases which can be detected include HF, H2S, CO2, NH3, and HCl.

There is a full range of flammable gases which can be detected.  The detection for flammable gases must be specified as species specific or overall LEL.m.

Ino-Tek has experience with many open path gas detection applications.  Ino-Tek has installed several new and innovative technologies which have delighted customers with their responsiveness and reliability.  Ino-Tek can review any application to determine if is suitable for open path gas detection.  If it is suitable, Ino-Tek can propose a proven, tested open path solution.