Natural Gas Compressor Station: Site Wide NFPA 72 Compliant Gas Detection System Design


A supplier of compressed natural gas was constructing a new compressor station.  This station was to have a NFPA 72 compliant gas detection system.


The design of the gas detection system by the project’s architect did not meet all the owner’s requirements.

Consulting Scope of Work

The owner’s project team contracted Ino-Tek to provide an exact scope of work and detailed project design for the proposed gas detection system.  This design was to conform to both the owner’s requirements and the technology available from the selected supplier.  It was to eliminate any uncertainty regarding the project’s scope or schedule.

Project Results

Ino-Tek provided a complete gas detection system design including layouts, risers, and operational sequences.  This design allowed the gas detection system to be completed within a challenging schedule and budget.