Sample Draw Gas Detection System for Hazardous Waste Processing

gas detectionBackground

A hazardous materials processing facility had a business opportunity to handle a new hazardous waste stream.  Because of the serious hazards of these materials, a hazard review was completed with the facility’s insurance company.  It was agreed that the facility could process the new waste stream if they installed a gas detection and emergency alarm system to monitor the processing area.  The facility was concerned because of the dusty nature of the treatment process.  They were not aware of any technology that would allow for accurate gas sampling and testing in this extremely dusty environment.

Project Results

Ino-Tek identified and proposed specialized technology that could allow for sampling in an extremely dusty environment.  The system was installed and was promptly almost completely covered in dust.  The system has worked dependably, for over 6 years, almost completely covered in dust.  This gas detection and emergency alarm system has protected the process operators from several conditions that developed which could have exposed them to toxic or flammable vapors.