Parking Garage Gas Detection System Designed to Operate Ventilation System



A civic authority refurbished an existing parking structure.  This rebuilt structure required an integrated gas detection and ventilation system. The owner requested a design and build proposal for a gas detection and emergency alarm system to test the atmosphere continuously for the carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide in the air.

Project Results

Two integrated systems were provided for each of the parking garages two levels.  Each level had 26 sensors that controlled 12 fans.  The system was designed with the capability to control the ventilation fans with two phases of control.

It provides a low ventilation level when the area has a low level of carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide.


It turns on all of the ventilation fans when there is a high level of these gases.

When there is not an elevated amount of these gases, the areas are ventilated at a lower rate.  This is the most energy efficient method of ventilating the structure.