Hospital MRI Room Nitrogen Coolant Leak Detection Systems


A number of hospitals have installed new MRI machines in temporary and permanent structures.  These machines use liquid nitrogen to cool the machines.  Because of the quantity and pressure of nitrogen used, a gas leak detection and emergency alarm system is required.

Project Results

Ino-Tek provided engineering experience and guidance to the hospitals and contractors installing this new equipment.  Ino-Tek was able to offer solutions that were resistant to the false alarms.  This is critical because some oxygen depletion technology is sensitive to barometric variations.  This could be a serious concern for two reasons.  Some of the new equipment rooms did not have control of the barometric pressure around the MRI machines.  Also, any down time on the MRI machines for false alarms is not acceptable.

In addition to supplying many MRI emergency alarm and gas detection systems, Ino-Tek has provided calibration and service for these systems.