Ammonia Storage and Handling Leak Detection System

ammonia gas detectionBackground

An ethanol refinery had an outdoor storage tank which contained anhydrous ammonia.  This ammonia was piped into a slurry tank where it was used in the production process.  A number of minor incidents involving ammonia handling convinced the facility to consider an ammonia gas leak detection and emergency alarm system.

Project Results

Ino-Tek identified and evaluated different leak detection technology for this application.  The facility’s engineering staff selected a system that used two types of gas detection technology.  For indoor ammonia leak detection, around the slurry tank, they selected fixed-point gas detection sensors.  For outdoor leak detection, around the storage tank, they selected open path ammonia leak detection sensors.  Ino-Tek blended these two types of sensors into a single emergency alarm system with interlocks to a shut down circuit.  The emergency alarm system was also configured to provide alarms to the ethanol plant’s main control system.  The facility operators were very pleased with the performance of the system.