Markets for Gas Detection and Alarm Systems

Ino-Tek is pleased to offer services and equipment to many markets.

Below is a partial listing of the industries in which Ino-Tek has designed and installed gas detection and emergency alarm systems:

Heavy Industry
Food & Beverage
Air Pollution Control
Automotive R & D
Research & Development
Gas Transmission
Waste Water Treatment
Power Generation
Landfill Gas
Steel Manufacturing

Below are links to case studies where a gas detection and emergency alarm system was required and supplied by Ino-Tek:

Customer Case Studies
Waste Water Treatment Facility CSO Basin Gas Detection System
Hazardous Materials Manufacturing Facility HF Acid Storage and Processing
Oil & Gas Refining Facility Building Intake and Atmospheric Area Gas Detection
Shopping Center Development Company Landfill Gas Leak Detection System
Research & Development – Military Military Test Lab Including Vehicle Test Chamber & Battery Labs
Automotive R & D Emission Test Cell R & D Facility Site Wide Gas Detection System
Parking Garage General Contractors Parking Garage Gas Detection System Designed to Operate Ventilation System
Facility Chiller Room Operators Hospital Chiller Room Gas Detection and Ventilation Control System
Medical Facility Oxygen Depletion Systems Hospital MRI Room Nitrogen Coolant Leak Detection Systems
University R & D Building’s Gas Detection System Semi-Conductor and Assorted Laboratory Gas Detection System
Semi-Conductor Lab Gas Detection System Gas Detection System for Silane, Hydrogen, & Other Laboratory Gases
Heavy Industry Sample Draw Gas Detection System for Hazardous Waste Processing
Ethanol Processing Ethanol Leak Detection System
Ammonia Handling Ammonia Storage and Handling Leak Detection System