Liquid Propane Storage Facility: Gas Detection System Designs


A liquid propane storage facility operated a number of loading and unloading operations at one end of their facility.  This loading and unloading area was adjacent to processing and storage areas.  All of these areas had some potential for gas leaks.


The engineering department asked Ino-Tek to create a design and budget for a pair of gas detection systems to provide sensors at a total of eight (8) different operations.  The scope was defined by the owner based on the company’s own internal hazard analysis.

Consulting Scope of Work

The site’s project team contracted Ino-Tek to tour the site and design a new gas detection system for the site.  This design included installation specifications to allow for pricing from both an electrical installation contractor and a civil contractor.  Upon receipt of the design, the facility had a complete project budget and a detailed schedule.

Project Results

After completion of the engineering project, the owner decided to complete the project.  The project was completed on budget, on schedule, with no change orders.  The system has worked with minimal maintenance for over 5 years.  The owner is satisfied with the system’s performance.  The operators on the site are safer because of this system.