Automotive R & D Test Lab: Site Wide Gas Detection System Design


An automotive supplier’s R & D test lab had a number of test cells and other areas where there was potential for gas leaks.   The plant management and the safety management teams decided a facility wide solution was appropriate.


A few gas detection sensors were installed at the facility, but their installation was not driven by a hazard analysis.  Facility management required a comprehensive system that provided gas detection at every location where there was potential for or a history of gas leaks.  A process hazard analysis and code compliance audit was required to justify the expenditure to corporate management.

Consulting Scope of Work

The facility’s safety and project teams contracted Ino-Tek to tour the site and review the existing gas detection systems.  They asked for a detailed site wide hazard review and code compliance audit.  They asked for a proposal for a new system to cover all the hazard areas.

Project Results

Ino-Tek toured the site and met with the project team.  They also met with maintenance and operations personnel.  They inspected, evaluated, and smoke tested all the existing gas detection sensors.  An updated site plan layout with all new gas detection equipment was provided.

After completion of the engineering project, the owner decided to complete the project.  The project was completed on budget, on schedule, with a few small change orders.  The system has worked to identify some process areas for repair and improvement.  The owner is satisfied with the system’s performance.