Carbon Manufacturing Facility: Risk Assessment, Code Compliance Audit, & Gas Detection System Design


A supplier of carbon operated a number of processes using both flammable and toxic gases.  They have a number of gas detection sensors, each reporting back to a process control system.


A number of gas related incidents resulted in safety recommendations.  These recommendations were forwarded to the corporate safety management team.  The corporate safety management team asked the site to respond with a site wide gas safety plan including a review of the existing gas detection systems and proposals for improving this system.

Consulting Scope of Work

The owner’s project team contracted Ino-Tek to review the existing systems and provide an exact scope of work and detailed project design for any improvements required for this gas detection system.  This design was to include both a hazard analysis and a code compliance audit.

Project Results

Ino-Tek provided a complete gas detection system design including a hazard review, a code compliance audit, layouts and risers.  This project is in the funding stage.