Automotive R & D Test Lab: Flammable Gas Leak Investigation

Background & Problem
A global automotive supplier’s R & D center has an existing gas detection system. In one of the diesel test cells, a leak of diesel fuel occurred. This leak occurred near an existing flammable gas sensor, but no alarm sounded. The facility management team contacted Ino-Tek. They requested a series of tests to determine why the system did not alarm.

Consulting Scope of Work
The facility hired Ino-Tek to test the installed system. They also asked Ino-Tek to provide a portable gas detection system with different types of flammable gas detection sensors. These different sensors were to be tested side by side with the installed sensor that did not alarm. The types of sensors tested included a catalytic bead sensor, a ppm IR flammable gas detection sensor, and a PID sensor. A number of conditions were created in the room. Each sensor was tested under different conditions.

Project Results
A report summarizing the performance of the existing equipment and the portable equipment was submitted. Ino-Tek provided the facility with guidance to modify the existing gas detection system to better detect the fumes from a fuel leak.