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Many new construction projects require gas or liquid leak detection.  Many large buildings have chillers that contain refrigerants that must be monitored for leaks.  Many industrial facilities have gases stored on site, or processes that create gases, which require leak detection.

If a project you’re working on, or bidding, has a specified gas detection system or liquid leak detection system, Ino-Tek can provide a cost effective solution.  Ino-Tek can provide systems at a competitive cost and can meet the most demanding schedules.

If you need a system to detect leaks in an on-going project, we can design a solution that meets your budget and your expectations.

Code Compliance Audit

After a Hazard Analysis is completed, a code compliance audit should be performed.  A code compliance audit starts by identifying all standards to which a facility is presently required to comply.  These standards generally include building and fire codes.  Some facilities are required to comply with various corporate standards.  Some companies have policies in addition to engineering standards.

After the relevant laws, standards, and codes are identified, the site is evaluated for compliance with these rules.  This is the audit.  This audit should include written findings.  These findings should numerate the relevant rules and the status of the site’s compliance with each requirement.

After the PHA and the code compliance audit are completed, the outline for a project scope can be developed.

Ino-Tek has completed these services for many clients.  Experts on staff can complete these reports quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

Call Ino-Tek for all your leak detection needs.



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