Your Leader In Gas Detection


Ino-Tek is one of the Nation’s leading, independent Gas Detection and Emergency Alarm System providers.  Headquartered adjacent to our engineering and design center in Romeo, Michigan, Ino-Tek has sales and support personnel responsible for North America and other strategic regions around the world.  Our systems are installed in Refineries, Chemical Plants, Research & Development, Power & Gas Facilities, Educational and Institutional Facilities, Manufacturing Plants, Water & Wastewater, Heavy Industry, Mining, Food & Beverage, Semi-Conductor and Government Facilities throughout North America and certain regions around the world.

Ino-Tek exists to address the difficulty in designing and executing Hazardous Material Area – Gas Detection and Emergency Alarm System projects.

During the late1990’s, into the early 2000’s, building and fire code regulations regarding Hazardous Material Area – Gas Detection and Emergency Alarm System designs became much more complex and demanding. Many system designers and owners installing these systems had difficulty understanding and meeting these requirements.  Those responsible for defining these systems didn’t have the time to fully understand all of the advanced technology in gas detection.  Fire Marshals and Building Officials didn’t have the technical resources, or the funding; to fully understand and enforce these complicated codes.

This was all happening as gas detection technology itself was rapidly evolving and changing. Ino-Tek was formed in 1996 to meet these challenges.

Today, Ino-Tek is focused on offering only the best Gas Detection and Emergency Alarm System services available.  Ino-Tek has redefined the level of service available to their clients.  Ino-Tek offers a level of service not available from just any other control system integrator, gas detection hardware distributor, or manufacturer.  Ino-Tek regularly assists their clients through all phases of the design and implementation process of an Emergency Alarm System.  From the earliest phases of your project; developing the detailed Hazard Review Report for Building Official “preliminary” approvals, to, and including, the complex Process Hazard Analysis and Code Compliance Study.  Ino-Tek engineers can assemble the highly detailed Fire Marshal and Building Official, Packaged Design Submittals for AHJ Approval.  All this with stamped certification by the appropriate Professional Engineers required.   Ino-Tek applies the correct sensing and detection technology, and incorporates the latest advanced control and monitoring techniques to provide the most efficient and cost effective system solutions.  Ino-Tek works closely to develop alarm, monitoring, communication, shutdown, ventilation and hazardous material storage strategies to reduce system costs and increase safety.  Our Project Management Team consistently assembles and coordinates the appropriate building professionals required to ensure cost effective system installation and commissioning.  Ino-Tek will take full system service responsibility by providing regularly scheduled maintenance programs and annual system re-certifications.  Ino-Tek will work with their clients through every step of the process in order to minimize owner liability and maximize the level of safety within a given budget.